For the past fifteen years Svetlana Efremova has served as a Head of Acting for both the Undergraduate and Graduate Acting programs, as well as Master Acting Teacher within the Department. She is trained by two of the most world-renowned theatre schools: the Yale School of Drama, where she earned an MFA degree in Acting and the St. Petersburg Academy of Theatre, where she received her BFA in Acting.

She has conducted master classes all over the United States. Her workshops have received overwhelmingly positive responses from both national and international theatre schools and conferences such as the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, American Academy of Dramatic Arts (Los Angeles), California Educational Theatre Association, Bennington College, Miami University, and Bowling Green University, Moscow Film school Cinemotion.

In 2003 and 2013 she was honored to receive an outstanding faculty recognition award for her scholarship and creative activities.


Cal State Fullerton

Svetlana’s classes include Intermediate and Advanced Acting, MFA Acting Studio, Audition Technique, Acting for the Camera, and Period/Style Acting. She has also directed main stage and studio productions. One of her very popular classes involves Shakespeare projects as seen here:

Other Student Projects:

Master Classes

These master classes will get you fully prepared for a successful film and theatre career. Professor Efremova’s acting class covers all aspects of acting technique, theory, and prep work starting with script analysis and exploration, character development, making strong choices, high/low status, sense memory, listening drills, subtext, taking actions, achieving your want or objective. Her goal is to give you the personal attention, acting techniques and career guidance that you need to reach your full potential as an actor. Professor Efremova offers following Master classes:

  1. "The Essential Elements of the Stanislavski Method"

    This workshop is composed of a series of exercises covering the most important 17 elements of the Stanislavsky method: concentration, imagination, public solitude, emotional vulnerability, internal and external stimuli, sensory awareness, observation, focus on a partner and creating atmosphere. This technique is my strength as a teacher due to my early training in Russia, where this method was born. These are the original exercises, both in structure and content.

  2. "Chekhov Scene Study"

    This class focuses solely on the work of Anton Chekhov, and uses his plays as the unifying factor to re-establish and clarify for the actor the basis of personal text analysis, selecting the character objective, defining actions that will engage other characters.

  3. "Meisner Technique of Acting"

    Sanford Meisner is one of the most important and influential acting teachers in United States. Meisner’s approach trains the actor to “live truthfully under imaginary circumstances”, to discover or create personally meaningful points of view with respect to the written word, and to express spontaneous human reactions and authentic emotion with the utmost sense of truth. In Meisner’s view, great acting depends on the actor’s impulsive response to what’s happening around him. His key exercise, spontaneous repetition, is designed for the actor to develop that capacity.
    This class is focuses on the fundamental training of the actor through extensive improvisational exercises – namely “repetition” in which the actor’s attention is focused upon his or her partner’s behavior. Students then apply this strong beginning in their ability to “live truthfully” to the scene work. The work moves into advanced and highly emotional improvisational work, script analysis and interpretation, character work and advanced scene study.

  4. "Audition Technique"

    Teaches valuable techniques and essential skills for preparing actors for an audition, including monologues, cold readings. Students will get pointers on how to make the most of their audition time, practice text analysis tricks that will help them make good, clear acting choices. The class will end with a mock audition and feedback for each individual student.

  5. "Acting For Non-Majors"

    Whether you’re looking for a professional career in acting or simply want to acquire better communication skills, this is the class for those who want to discover their instincts. The class is aimed at significantly improving the participant’s communication skills in a whole range of real life situations. The class will teach you solid acting skills, increasing your ability to express yourself dynamically onstage, at the podium in presentations, in group meetings and in everyday situations. It guides you through simple step-by-step techniques that allow you to experience your natural acting abilities. You will learn valuable skills to be comfortable in front of others, develop a personal presence that compels attention, enhance credibility, connection and chemistry with others, listen and respond spontaneously, express your self dynamically, cold read a script as though speaking naturally, "Audition" for the stage and for real life situations.